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Clear That Clutter, Call Now!




Fortunately, you don’t have to take your trash to the dump yourself. When you call Seaside Junk Haulers & Movers, LLC, we’ll pick up your discarded items and dispose of them for you. And, we gladly provide residential and commercial clean-out services to Warwick, RI residents and those living nearby within a 50 mile radius.


At Seaside Junk Haulers & Movers, LLC, we understand that some items are too big for you to lift safely. To ensure you, your family, or your coworkers stay comfortable, we’ll send a professional team with proper equipment to lift and haul away your junk.

As part of our office and home clean-out services, we’re happy to remove pianos, outdoor hot tubs, and non-hazardous construction debris. And we can provide curbside pickup on a monthly, weekly, or daily schedule depending on your needs.


Businesses usually need to keep their buildings and lots clear of clutter.  We can haul away these discarded items for you, relieving those high dumpster or trucking costs.  In some cases, businesses will want to load our 15 cubic yard dump trailer using their equipment and then have us haul it off to they're choice of place or simply just to the local landfill.

In order to accomplish all of you're disposal and hauling needs, our equipment is currently registered with the USDOT and carries current commercial auto insurance.

To learn more about our residential/commercial clean-out services and hauling services, call our Warwick, RI, office at 1-800-930-2123 or 401-678-0447, and we’ll give you a free quote.