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Our rates are based on the amount of junk or items that we remove and haul away, using our 15 yard dump trailer.  When we fill our trailer with your junk, we can then determine how much the cost will be.  Sometimes we are able to give the customer an estimate over the phone based on a brief description or by pictures of what you have sent to us via email or text. 

Pictures of what you have can be sent to us via text (401-678-0447) or emailseasidejunk@gmail.comSometimes, pictures that you send us or the description that you give us over the phone, may not be enough to determine an estimate.  If this is the case, we will need to provide an onsite estimate by actually seeing what you have.

* Piano and hot tub removal have separate charges.

* Dense materials such as rocks, concrete, and any construction debris have extra charges.

* Cancellations - Customers who choose to cancel a scheduled job must give at least a 24hr. notice or a $75 cancellation fee will incur.